Medley is a graphic novel by Swedish comic artist Lisa Medin. Its first volume is available in Swedish via digital comic marketplace SerieCentralen, has been released as a book though comic publisher Kolik as well as serialised in epic comic magazine Utopi. In 2014, it was nominated for an Urhunden award for Best Swedish Original Graphic Novel. The series is on-going and will be continued through Galago publishing in 2016.



Since time immemorial, a single force has been used to wage war and wreak havoc. Many have tried to tame it – and those who succeed, are called musicians.
In a world scarred by battles between rivalling music genres, the orchestral superpower Symphonia has taken a brutal grasp of the other genres.

Catherine Hayes, an idealistic young Lieutenant in the Royal Symphonian Music Force, is forced to re-evaluate her beliefs when she comes face to face with Axel, the Synth-Popper from the East. With a mixed musical heritage and a six feet long synthesizer, Axel searches for the one place where it’s said all music will meet: Medley.

Lisa Medin’s bodacious epic Medley is a swashbuckling adventure that hits all the right notes and rocks hard. Since 2013, it is available in a full paperback volume, pushing the expectations of Swedish adventure comics.
The first volume, A New Wave – available in swedish from publisher Kolik, with a brand new edition coming out from Galago in 2016 – utilizes genres like classical, electronic/industrial and rock and contains the first eight chapters of the story.
We follow Axel, the Synth-Popper from the East, Lieutenant Catherine Hayes, as well as the tone-deaf metalhead Steve (who comes along for the ride just for the heck of it).
2011-2012, Medley was a regular feature of Utopi Magasin, starting with the first issue, and included original content for serialisation. Kolik Publishing’s Fabian Göransson as well as author Sara Bergmark Elfgren (of the Engelsfors trilogy which has been exported to 21 languages worldwide) have acted as editor and story consultant respectively.
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